2. Features

Send emails to your clients

Karma allows you to easily email all your clients at once, or only a select few. Go to Mailing -> Send New Email Compose your email Select the clients you want to send the email to. If you grouped your clients using tags (good job!) then you can select different groups of clients. Click the […]

Group your clients by tagging them

Tags are a useful way to group related clients together. Quickly filter clients by your tags, or send emails only to clients who belong to certain tags. Tags are basically like categories, and the use of tags is completely optional. How are Tags used? Tags can be used to group clients by different cities. Then […]

Customize your Screening and Booking Process

Everybody screens and books their dates differently. Some prefer a thorough screening which requires asking for more personal information, while others prefer a gentler approach and want to ask for less personal information. Karma allows you to change your preferences to suit your style of screening. Customize Your Screening Go to Settings -> Screening -> Options Use […]

Add your Availability to your Calendar

Use your Availability Calendar to let your clients know when you’re available. For your security, Karma will never reveal to your clients your bookings. You can just put general dates and times that your clients can book an appointment with you. Availability To add new dates and times you are available: Click on Availability Click […]