1. Getting Started

Sending Messages to Clients

Easily send and receive messages directly with clients. Instead of opening up your email or phone to send a message, you can send messages directly from the Karma website or mobile app. Your client will receive a notification in their email or SMS whenever you send a message, and you will receive a notification on […]

How to Add an Appointment

Your clients can use your ScreeningMate booking page to book appointments. Booking Page Example: You can also add appointments by yourself. This can happen when a client only wants to book an appointment by email, or you are taking an appointment over the phone. 1 Load “Appointments” Click on the Appointments Page on the left […]

How to Add a New Client

You can quickly enter a client into KarmaScreen yourself. Once a client is in your account, you can search for them, tag them to send email newsletters, and approve or blacklist them from future appointments. Tip: When your clients book an appointment on ScreeningMate, they will be automatically screened and entered into your KarmaScreen account. […]

What to do after Clients Book an Appointment

After your clients book an appointment, you will receive an email, SMS text message, or notification from the mobile app. 1 Review Appointment Details You can click on the link inside the email or SMS text message, or find the appointment on your dashboard. 2 Review Client’s Details Make sure you are comfortable meeting your […]

New to Karma? Start here

Karma helps you screen and book appointments with clients. A Karma subscription includes all the features you need for clients to book appointments with you, automated screening of your clients, offshore hosting, 24/7 technical support, and access to our user-friendly web platform and mobile apps to securely manage all your bookings and clients. First Steps […]

Getting Started with Client Screening

Karma will automatically screen your clients to save you plenty of hours doing the same thing for every client. You can view, accept, and manage your clients in a secure offshore database. Use our web app from a computer, or use our Android or iOS app from a mobile device. The Screening of New Clients […]

Getting Started with Appointments

Karma will manage all the appointments that your clients book with you. You can accept, reject, and track your appointments through our website or mobile app. How Clients Book Appointments To book an appointment, clients select a date, time, location and length of appointment. Then they enter some personal information about themselves. Once they submit […]

Add Karma to Your Website or Ad

The easiest way to get your clients to start booking an appointment with you through Karma is to add a link or button on your website or your ads. The Simple Way 1 Load “Dashboard” Go to your Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard link on the left. 2 Copy HTML code Copy the HTML code […]