3. Information

What is KarmaScore and how is it calculated?

What is KarmaScore? KarmaScreen’s proprietary technology helps predict how safe and reliable your client is, by taking their information and analyzing it. You can use each client’s KarmaScore to decide whether you want to accept their screening or booking requests. KarmaScores are calculated from many different pieces of information. Each client’s KarmaScore considers both positive […]

Pre-screen your dates before they book an appointment with you

What is Pre-Screening? Pre-screening allows your clients to enter their information but not book a specific date right away. Karma will not ask them to select a date and time for an appointment, and a booking request is never created. You are only notified that a client has submitted a screening. When to Pre-Screen Pre-Screening […]

How does Karma screen your new dates?

Karma collects personal, employment, and reference information form your new dates. Then we automatically screen your dates by doing the following: Securely encrypt and transfer information offshore; Verify the authenticity of your clients’ references and contact them. References can also leave a quick comment or note about your client; Verify your clients’ email address and phone […]

How are email and SMS notifications sent out?

How notifications work When  a booking request or a client screening is updated, you and your client receive email and SMS (text message) notifications to keep you and your client informed of the progress. The notification will include a secure, convenient link to quickly log in and see the details of the booking request or client […]