The easiest way to get your clients to start booking an appointment with you through Karma is to add a link or button on your website or your ads.

The Simple Way

  • 1
    Load “Dashboard”
    Go to your Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard link on the left.

  • 2
    Copy HTML code
    Copy the HTML code by clicking in the textbox. Click the Copy button.

  • 3
    Paste HTML code
    Paste the HTML code on your website where you want the KarmaScreen button to appear. Press Ctrl-V or Command-V on your keyboard to paste the HTML code after you have copied it.

  • 4
    The Result
    When your clients see your website and click the button, they will be sent to your booking page in a new window.

The Customized Way

  • 1
    Load “Add to Website”
    Go to the Add to Website page on the left toolbar.

  • 2
    Choose How Booking Form Appears

    Choose the option how you want your clients to book an appointment with you.

    New Window:
    a new browser window will open when clients book an appointment. They will leave your website or ad.

    In a Popup:

    Click on your selection.

  • 3
    Image Button or Text Link

    Choose if you want to display an image button, or a text link on your website or ad.

    Image Button:
    An image will be displayed on your website or ad.

    Text Link:
    A text link will be displayed on your website. If you want to add a link to your website’s toolbar, this is the best way.

  • 4
    Copy & Paste HEADER code
    Copy and paste the first part of the HTML code to your website or ad near the top of the web page. This might not be possible on some advertising directories. If that’s the case, follow the “no-brainer” way below.

  • 5
    Copy & Paste the link
    Copy and paste the button/text link HTML code to the part on your website where you want the button or text link to appear.