Karma will manage all the appointments that your clients book with you. You can accept, reject, and track your appointments through our website or mobile app.

How Clients Book Appointments

To book an appointment, clients select a date, time, location and length of appointment. Then they enter some personal information about themselves. Once they submit the appointment request, you will receive an email, SMS text message, or mobile app notification. Karma will begin screening and verifying the client.

Tip: After a client books an appointment, you can review, accept, or cancel the appointment. Learn how you can easily manage the appointment, and communicate with your client.

Customize how Your Clients Book Appointments

You can customize what dates, times and locations your clients can select. You can also set a minimum time your clients can book appointments for, if you don’t do short, 15-minute or 30-minute dates.

Change your Availability

  • 1
    Load “Calendar”
    To change what dates you are available, go to your Calendar page.

  • 2
    Add Date
    To add availability for a new date, select a date and time.

  • 3
    Add Date & Time

    Update the start and end time of your availability, and where you will be available. Then click the Add Event button.

    For example, if you want to allow only incall dates between 9:00am and 5:00pm on a particular date, choose 9:00am as the start time and 5:00pm as the end time. Choose Incall as the location you are available in, and click Add Event.

  • 4
    The Result

    Adding a specific entry to your calendar will only show you available in that time-slot for the day. Clients will not be able to book hours outside of what you entered.

    Tip: If no availability is added on a date, your clients will be able to select any time on that date.

Change the Minimum Length of Appointments

  • 1
    Load “Appointment Settings”
  • 2
    Change selected option
    Change your minimum appointment time. For example, if you don’t want to accept appointments shorter than 1 hour, select 1 hour and click the Save button.

Learn what you should do after a client books an appointment
Karma screens and verifies your clients