Karma will automatically screen your clients to save you plenty of hours doing the same thing for every client. You can view, accept, and manage your clients in a secure offshore database. Use our web app from a computer, or use our Android or iOS app from a mobile device.

The Screening of New Clients

  • Verify their email address is valid by sending them a confirmation email
  • Verify their phone number is valid by sending them a confirmation SMS text message
  • Get and save detailed information about their IP address, location, and device they used to book an appointment with you
  • Verify their work email address
  • Verify they are telling the truth about their personal information, such as their location
  • Verify their references by sending them an email asking them to approve or reject the appointment
  • Verify their usernames on common Internet message boards are valid
  • Check their name and residence on national sex offenders’ registries and other blacklists
  • Check their previous history with you and other companions

What is Safety Score?

During screening, each client is assigned a Safety Score, which is a prediction of how safe that person is. Our complex screening algorithm assigns a Safety Score from 100 to 0, and a grade from A+ to F. The higher the score, the safer we predict the client to be.

The Safety Score is never final. It will keep changing as we verify new information. For example, when the client’s reference confirms they know that person, their Safety Score (and grade) will go up. Or, if other companions blacklist the client, their Safety Score will go down.

Tip: A client with a very low Safety Score does not mean they are dangerous or a criminal! It just means we cannot verify any of their information.

What to do after new clients submit information

After a new client submits personal information, you will receive an email, SMS text message, or mobile app notification. Review the client’s screening information. You can find the client’s information by clicking on the client in the Appointment Details page, or searching your clients.

New Clients start off as Pending Clients. After reviewing the client’s screening information, you can:

  • 1
    Approve the Client
    When you are comfortable with the client’s Safety Score and their personal information, you can approve the client by clicking the Approve button. When they book future appointments with you, they will have a higher Safety Score immediately.

  • 2
    Reject the Client
    If you do not like the client, reject the client by clicking the Reject button. When they book future appointments with you, they will have a lower Safety Score immediately.
  • 3
    Blacklist the Client
    If you never want to see the client again, blacklist the client by clicking the Blacklist button. When they book future appointments with you, you will be warned not to accept the appointment. In addition, their Safety Score with other companions will be dramatically lowered.

Tip: If you have outstanding appointments with a pending client, you will be asked to accept or cancel their appointments when you Approve or Reject the client