Tags are a useful way to group related clients together. Quickly filter clients by your tags, or send emails only to clients who belong to certain tags. Tags are basically like categories, and the use of tags is completely optional.

How are Tags used?

Tags can be used to group clients by different cities. Then you can send emails only to those groups of clients when you visit the city. City tagging is by far the most popular use. If you have clients in Los Angeles, you can add a “Los Angeles” tag, this way you’re able to easily search for them and email them.

How to Tag a Client

Go to the client’s details, and start typing the name of the tag in the Tags area. If the tag already exists (such as “New York”), select the tag, and press enter. Otherwise, the tag will be added as a new tag.

How to Send an Email to a Tag

Use this feature to notify clients you will be visiting their city. Read the article on sending emails to your clients. Select the tag you want to send the email to. Clients who do not belong to that tag will not receive your email.

How to Filter Clients by Tags

You can display only clients that have a specific tag. In the Clients section, locate the “Filter by tags” link and click on it. A dropdown menu will appear with all your current tags. Click on the tags you would like to show clients for. Only clients with that tag will appear in the list.