How notifications work

When  a booking request or a client screening is updated, you and your client receive email and SMS (text message) notifications to keep you and your client informed of the progress. The notification will include a secure, convenient link to quickly log in and see the details of the booking request or client screening.

For example, when your client confirms an appointment, you will receive a notification. If you cancel an appointment, your client will receive a notification. Whether you receive an email or a text message – or both – will depend on the settings in your preferences.

Who receives booking/screening notifications

You are notified when…

New Booking/Screening: When someone books an appointment (ie. sends a request), you will be notified to review and accept the appointment.

Client Cancels: When you cancel the booking, your client is notified with a short comment from you.

Important Screening Updates: If an important screening update happens, for example when a reference confirms or rejects your client, you will be notified. This allows you to accept, reject, or cancel the booking based on this new information.


Your client is notified when…

You Accept Booking: When you accept the appointment, the client will be notified. They can also confirm the booking again, but this is optional.

You Cancel: If your client cancels the booking, you will be notified with a short comment from your client.

You Change Date/Time: If you are busy during the original date/time of the booking request, you can select one of the alternate dates/times your client proposed. When the date/time of the booking is changed, your client is notified.

Final Reminder: Your client receives a notification 2 hours before the booking date/time, to remind them for the last time.


How to change your notification preferences

You and your client can choose when you want to receive the notifications, and how to receive them (by email and/or text message).

  1. To change your preferences, go to Settings->Notifications.
  2. Check or uncheck the checkboxes beside each setting.
  3. Click the Save button to save your changes.