You can quickly enter a client into KarmaScreen yourself. Once a client is in your account, you can search for them, tag them to send email newsletters, and approve or blacklist them from future appointments.

Tip: When your clients book an appointment on ScreeningMate, they will be automatically screened and entered into your KarmaScreen account.

  • 1
    Load “Clients”
    Click on the Clients Page on the left side bar.

  • 2
    Add Client
    Click on the Add Client button to quickly enter a client into KarmaScreen.

  • 3
    Client Details
    Enter details of the client. Click the “Add Client” button when you are done.

  • 4
    Added to List
    Your new client will show up in your clients list.

  • 5
    The Result
    KarmaScreen will begin screening your new client. You will need to approve, reject, or blacklist the client depending on their KarmaScore.

Tip: Use Karma to manage your clients in one place. Your clients will be automatically screend, and your data is secured offshore.