Your clients can use your ScreeningMate booking page to book appointments.

  • Booking Page Example:

You can also add appointments by yourself. This can happen when a client only wants to book an appointment by email, or you are taking an appointment over the phone.

  • 1
    Load “Appointments”
    Click on the Appointments Page on the left side bar.

  • 2
    Add New Appointment
    Click on the Add Appointment button to quickly enter a new appointment into KarmaScreen.

  • 3
    Existing or New Client
    Select whether this is an existing client, or a new client.

  • 4
    New Client
    If this is a new client, you will need to enter details about the client.

  • 5
    Appointment Details
    Enter details about the appointment. Click the Save button when you are done.

  • 6
    Added to Your List
    Your new appointment will show up in your appointments list.