How much does it cost?

Less than a Starbucks latte each week – only $11/month for unlimited bookings and screenings. This easily saves you an hour a day. And for each friend you invite who subscribes, you will receive 1 month FREE!

What happens to personal information?

After screening your dates, all unnecessary data is deleted. Anything else that remains: we will never sell, lease, nor rent any of you or your clients’ information to third-parties.

Is my information held offshore?

Yes. The company is offshore (in the Netherlands) and our servers are located offshore in Amsterdam. The server is further protected and hidden behind an enterprise-class reverse proxy called CloudFlare.

How are my dates screened?

We use a variety of publicly available databases to automatically screen your dates, as well as verify their work information and/or references. You control how your dates are screened. Each date is assigned a KarmaScore to rank their level of safety.

Why not use Gmail or Google Calendar?

Contrary to popular belief, your information can easily be handed over third parties such as prosecutors and law enforcement. That is not the case with Karma. Also, Karma provides alot of automation that will save you time.

How do people book an appointment with me?

By visiting your booking page, or directly on your website via popup. They will be able select a date, time, location and duration. Then they enter their personal info and Karma does the rest – verify info, references, work info, and more. Meanwhile – all you have to do is accept/reject the booking with one click!